Frequently Asked

Q: Do You Ship Worldwide?

A: Yes, we ship to every country via DHL Express. The address has to be entered 100% correct. There are exceptions due to COVID, and we are not aware of all of them. Please build an order with the CORRECT ADDRESS to receive a quote.

Q: How Does the Ordering Process Work?

A: STEP 1: You select the items you wish to purchase and move them to your cart.  

STEP 2: Select the shipping speed (USA - 1st Class, Priority, or Express) or (Canada, Worldwide - DHL Express). You check out and pay. You receive an email confirmation of the order.

STEP 3: Please DOUBLE CHECK your physical address, street number, name, city, state, country, and POSTAL CODE. You must add your email and phone number. This information has to be 100% CORRECT, or the postal service will return your package to us, incurring additional shipping fees.

STEP 4: You WILL NOT RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL EMAIL OR TRACKING INFO until your package is shipped. If you do not receive an email, YOUR PACKAGE HAS NOT SHIPPED YET!

STEP 5:  YOU WILL RECEIVE an email from us with a TRACKING NUMBER once it ships.

STEP 6: Anticipate delays in shipping due to COVID, weather, and carrier delays (most postal carriers are overwhelmed due to a surge in online sales). 

STEP 7:  Be Patient!

Step 8: Enjoy your Hoodie, Book, Candle, or Blanket!

Q: What is the "What's the Rush" Book About?

A: The book is the story of Joey's life told through thoughts, poems, short stories, and illustrations. If you love Joey's TikTok's, Instagram, and YouTube, you'll love this book.

Q: Can I Use the Live Chat to Talk to Joey?

A: No, Joey does not respond to the live chat. Please do not initiate a chat unless you are placing an order or have questions about an order you plan on placing. The Live Chat connects to an app, which requires one of the staff members to answer it.  PLEASE DO NOT INITIATE A CHAT UNLESS YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR NEED HELP WITH AN ORDER!

Q: How Do Your Hoodies Fit?

A: We have a size chart on each page of every Hoodie and in the photos.  

STEP 1: Measure a hoodie that fits you well 1" under the armpit and across the chest to the other armpit.

STEP 2: Measure that Hoodie from the shoulder peak (the seam between the neck and the shoulder) down to the end of the sleeve.

STEP 3: Measure the Hoodie from the shoulder peak (see above) down to the bottom of the front hem (the very bottom of the Hoodie).

Q: Are your prices in USD? 

A: We set our store prices in USD. The Store is based in the US (Phoenix, AZ). You can toggle the prices in CAD, EUR, GBP, or RUP on the store's front page.

Q: Does Joey like me?

A: Yes!

Q: What is the Customer Service email and Phone Number?

A: assistant@waundr.com - (912)-414-9718