'Sad' Box (Sad Hoodie, Happy Blankie, Candle and Paperback Book)

By Stay You Shop


'Sad' Box (Sad Hoodie, Happy Blankie, Candle and Paperback Book


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(Hoodies, Happly Blankie, Candles and Books are in-stock.  The Hoodie specific size and style may be out of stock temporarily - but has been ordered, and will be printed promptly).

Happy Hoodies brands present the new 'Sad Box.'  It includes a Sad Hoodie, Happy Blankie, a WAP or Joey's Morning Brew Candle and a Paperback version of "What's the Rush."  

Stay You was founded by Joey Kidney in 2014 and represents self-love, mental health awareness and expressing yourself when others don't.  Our mottos in 2020 are 'Happy' and 'Sad' and 'Love' and 'Loneliness' are emotions worth expressing!  


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