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Premium 'Missing You Hoodie' Embroidered (Lust Red / Dust)

Missing You is a collaboration piece with TikTok | YouTube's Sam & Monica

(Premium Version.  10oz Hoodie. 70/30 Cotton Blend.  Fleece Hood)

Hoodies Are 'Pre-Order'. Hoodie is Expected by January 28th, 2022



Stay You® is a boutique-level shop with a small staff who works daily to get orders out on time.

The store is US-based in Savannah, Georgia. We ship all hoodies, blankets, candles, and other items from Savannah.

The two books 'What's the Rush?' and 'Dreaming...' are in Ottawa.

We do our best to ship products out. We cannot get an item to you the same or the next day. We ask for your patience.


Stay You was founded by Joey Kidney in 2014 and represents self-love, mental health awareness and expressing yourself when others don't.  Our mottos in 2020 are 'Happy' and 'Sad' and 'Love' and 'Loneliness' are emotions worth expressing!  

Sam & Monica are two content creators who's channel 'SamAndMonica' depicts the day to day lives of two people in a Long Distance Relationship.  They relationship was documented on the MTV for Snapchat show "Wrong Distance Relationship (Season One).

Stay You is a flash-sale site vs a traditional store.  We accept orders up to 10 days and then place an order with our Hoodie supplier.  Our items are printed here in Arizona and usually ship within 1 to 2-weeks.  USA - items are delivered by USPS, UPS, and FedEx.  Internationally items are delivered by DHL Express (most countries) and generally delivered to a mailbox or your front door.  Please remember we are not Amazon and items are not delivered in 1-2 days, nor left at your door.

Lastly, we appreciate every one of you and each purchase you make.  

All prices are in USD - All hoodies are measured in men's sizes